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The Haddon Heights School District supports an inclusion model to achieve a goal of all special education students being included in the classroom with their general education peers. Varied special education programming options are offered district-wide to achieve this goal and support students and their individual educational needs.

The following supports are available for the 2022-2023 school-year.

Atlantic Elementary School: Preschool-2nd Grades
Preschool Disabled, Preschool Inclusion and REACH 1
Partial Inclusion for English Language Arts and Math

Seventh Elementary School: 3rd-6th Grades
Partial Inclusion for English Language Arts and Math

Glenview Elementary School: Kindergarten-6th Grades
Full Inclusion for English Language Arts and Math: Grades 1,2,4,5,6
Partial Inclusion for English Language Arts and Math: Grades Kindergarten and 3
Full Pull-out for English Language Arts and Math: Grades 2,3,4,5,6

Junior High School: 7th and 8th Grades
Full Inclusion for English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
Full Pull-out for English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies

High School: 9th-12th+ Grades
REACH High School
Full Inclusion for English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
Full Pull-out for English Language Arts and Math


What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is a term used to describe the practice of educating all children, with or without disabilities, together in a diverse classroom. The Education for All Handicapped Children Act provides that all students receive access to a free, appropriate, and public education in the least restrictive environment. Whenever possible, students will be included in the general education classroom for part, or all, of the day. Classroom teachers collaborate with special education providers and support staff to bring their services to the general education classroom. Teachers use differentiated instruction to assist the students in meeting their goals and objectives, as defined by their IEP. This can include accommodations and modifications to assignments or tests, as well as the use of additional support materials. Inclusion models are utilized throughout the Haddon Heights School District at all educational grade levels. 

What are the benefits of Inclusion?

 Benefits for special education students: 

  • Nourishes friendships and greater opportunity for peer interactions 
  • Increases social initiations, relationships, and networks
  • Enhances self concept
  • Demonstrates appropriate academic, social and behavior skills through peer role modeling
  • Allows greater access to general curriculum and greater likelihood they will accomplish IEP goals
  • Encourages higher expectations
  • Enhances skill acquisition and generalization
  • Increases inclusion across various settings, i.e. college, community, and future careers
  • Advances school staff collaboration and parent participation
  • Integrates families into the community 

 Benefits for general education students: 

  • Develops meaningful friendships
  • Strengthens collaboration
  • Increases appreciation and acceptance of individual differences and diversity
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Expands teamwork skills  
  • Promotes respect for all people
  • Arms students with the skills needed for an inclusive society
  • Allows opportunities to master activities by practicing and teaching others
  • Establishes greater academic outcomes
  • Permits all students needs to be met & provides greater resources for everyone 


What is Pull-Out?

Pull-Out is a term used to describe an instructional method in which a student receives instruction in a location away from the general education classroom in order to receive special instruction in an individualized or small group setting with access to modified curriculum, instruction, and/or teaching strageties. With this service, students receive support for their individual needs, as defined by their IEP. Pull-Out programming options are utilized throughout the Haddon Heights School District to meet the specific IEP needs for our students at all grade levels. 

District Programs

Preschool Disabled Special Class Program

The preschool program is a special education, special class program for students ages 3-5. The program provides special education students curriculum and interventions individualized to their needs and aligned with the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards. The preschool offers special education students inclusion with typically developing peers as the program accepts tuition students from the Haddon Heights Borough. Please see the preschool page for more information and application process: Inclusive Preschool Program

Realizing Educational Achievement for the Children of Heights (R.E.A.C.H.) Multiply Disabled Programs

The Haddon Heights School District has REACH programming options at the elementary, junior and senior high school levels. REACH provides students who meet varied special education eligibility criteria with curriculum and interventions individualized to their needs in order to achieve educational potential. If essential for the students’ educational success, adaptive and life skill needs are integrated. Students who are supported through REACH are also included with their general education peers throughout the school day at frequencies individualized to the students’ needs. At ages 18-21 if determined appropriate, through IEP agreement, REACH programming extends into school and community Structured Learning Experiences.

Transitional Academic Program (T.A.P.) Behavioral Disabilities Program

TAP is a program at the junior and senior high school level for special education students with a history of academic and behavioral difficulties that significantly impact their educational progress. TAP provides students with individual and class-wide structured behavioral supports to meet their individual needs and transitions the students towards school success. Academic and organizational skill building is embedded into daily class lessons to prepare students for transition into less restrictive settings and adult life.

Person Centered Planning 

The Child Study Team continues to participate in the Person Centered Approaches in Schools and Transition project. The New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, in partnership with Rutgers (The Boggs Center) has worked with the Haddon Heights Child Study Team and selected high school teachers, through the grant, to conduct planning, development, and pilot activities aimed at promoting effective transition for students with disabilities. 

For more information on Person Centered Planning please visit:

Community Partners & Structured Learning Experiences

One of the most beneficial aspects to our students is the Haddon Heights community. Haddon Heights Borough leaders, local businesses and community members have time and again supported our program’s efforts to extend teaching to outside of the classroom in order to build essential living skills that facilitate a life of inclusion. Below is information on our elementary and high school programming that incorporates community instruction and Structured Learning Experiences throughout Haddon Heights and Camden County.

We encourage you to support the businesses that provide these educational experiences to our students and who are active partners in the community.

Elementary Community Outings and Partners

Our elementary REACH classroom would like to thank John’s Friendly Market, the Haddon Heights Public Library, Ralph’s Pizza, Kenny’s World, Five Below, The Station House Restaurant, Chick-fil-A, Carol's Candy Corner, the Haddon Heights Post Office and the Haddon Heights Fire Department for being partners in our community outings. Their support provides our students with the tools they need to navigate throughout the community and allows the skills we practice daily in the classroom to be generalized through real-life experiences.  Our staff, students and families are so thankful for the community going above and beyond to provide these exceptional educational experiences for our students.

Structured Learning Experiences

An integral part of our 18-21 REACH PLUS Program is the Structured Learning Experiences that address the learning objectives of each student’s IEP Transition Plan. After classroom instruction in work readiness skills, the students participate in career and job experiences in the Haddon Heights High School in various departments such as Technology, Maintenance, School Offices, Library, and Cafeteria.  Before graduating, the students may experience community-based work experiences. The team has developed partnerships with community businesses to provide the students mentored job experiences in the local community. Our team also supports parents and students with the transition to adult agencies and services.

Our students have participated in following work placements:

DelBuono's Bakery, Haddon Heights Police Department, Haddon Heights Public Library, HHHS Technology Department, John's Friendly MarketNutriServe Food ServiceRitz Theater, Royal Fitness, ShopRiteSimply SoupsSonic, WAWA

New Additions: Michael's, Goodwill, Jane's Tea Room



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