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Person-Centered Approaches

Person Centered Approaches Elective

The PCAST elective allows educators to apply person centered practices to all students. Our project staff are in Statewide collaboration with New Jersey educators and students and have developed a comprehensive framework that supports transition, career exploration, future planning, self-discovery, self-advocacy and self-determination skills to promote and support informed decision making on their own behalf or through their allies.

The class targets deep introspective thinking through facilitated conversations and personalized lessons specially designed to be used with all learners.  Educators are supported by PCAST staff to support differentiated instruction. The course aligns with New Jersey Career Ready Practices and New Jersey Student Learning Standards in English Language Arts.  PCAST staff supports districts in curriculum development based upon the unique needs of their learners.As part of our curriculum, the students visit post secondary options such as county college, four year universities and trade programs. During these visits the students have the chance to tour the campus, hear from professors and meet with the Office of Disability Services.We also host many visitors throughout the year. Tasha Melton, Haddon Heights DVRS Coordinator (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services) Coordinator speaks about opportunities available during the transition from high school into the workplace or college world; Don Delaney from CCC shares about admissions and course selection for various Associate and certificate programs; Helene Donnelly from Pennco Tech provides information about the trade programs, employment skills and financial obligations; leaders from the Rutgers Boggs Center visit class to support both staff and students in building curriculum for this program.

Advocacy Trips

Students in our PCAST (Person-Centered Approaches in School and Transition) elective class had a private tour of Camden County College. Students had the chance to visit with many departments and speak with some of the professors available. They also had the privilege of going on the floor to see firsthand the manufacturing program, as well as the automotive program. President Don Borden also joined us to share some inspiring words. 

 The PCAST elective students had the pleasure of hosting two guests in their classroom this month. The first guest was Joanne Hamza from Rutgers University and NJCAN (NJ Career Assistance Navigator). She was able to create accounts for our students so that they can access a multitude of information on careers, colleges and apprenticeships/trades. The class will continue to use this website to research and develop person-centered plans. The second guest was Somerlee Monaghan from Rutgers Boggs Center. Ms. Monaghan helped facilitate a lesson in problem solving called Solution Circles. The students loved this interactive and beneficial approach of critical thinking and perspective taking.